OptiPets eyeglass holders are one of our top gifting options. We have added these cute, kitschy, and fun eyewear stands, made of hand-painted ceramic, to our rotation of products at Paws N Claws Eyewear. Not only are OptiPets adorable, imaginative, affordable, and convenient eyewear accessories: they’re also downright fun. These useful, animal-shaped, breed-specific eyewear stands are a great way to display eyeglasses, readers, and sunglasses alike, whether in the home on a nightstand, on an office desk, in your child’s bedroom, or in a retail space. They are a creative and spirited gift idea for the “impossible-to-buy-for” pet owner or animal-lover, or for the quirky sunglasses-loving or eyeglass-wearing fashionista in your life. OptiPets are high-quality, hand painted ceramic and can be even further individualized by choosing the animal and breed of your liking. We also offer OptiPets in bulk at wholesale pricing for gift, eyewear, and accessory retailers.